Ibiza has in addition to the clubs, pubs, bars and beaches, also a completely different side. There is much to see and do here, even when you are not looking for heavy parties. Before it became the mecca of nightlife, Ibiza was a haven for hippiesand that alternative atmosphere still hangs here, especially towards the quieter north of the island, where everything is not yet fully built up. 

Many places in Ibiza are meanwhile protected by UNESCO, and the island has been declared a World Heritage Site for its biodiversity and culture.

The interior also exudes unspoiled beauty. The aromas of infinite fruit fields and age-old olive trees are a dream come true. Ibiza has a diverse choice of restaurants where you can enjoy local specialties with your feet in the sand. You take an aperitif in a hidden chiringuito or a candlelit dinner in the cozy narrow streets of Ibiza town. The island offers a wide range of activities such as a charming hippy market or a wonderful boat trip. Be seduced by the assets of this delightful island.