Under the name of Vanska, Vanessa Bouziges signs creations between fashion, design and craftsmanship.

“A graphic designer by training, I trained in screen printing and I started working for the ready-to-wear brand Sessùn, whose visual identity I developed through numerous artistic missions.”

The Sessùn adventure has forged him many skills thanks to collaborations with artisans and actors from the various design and fashion trades.

At the same time, she develops her art freed from commercial constraints, within a collective of artists-Muesli- and organizes exhibitions in Paris, Marseille, Montpellier.

Installed in Morocco in 2005, she creates jewels for Sessùn which know a great success. At the same time, she trained in weaving with a Moroccan master, and explored the craft in a modern and offbeat way. “Moroccan weavers do wonders but having neither their patience nor their know-how, I have developed my own weaving technique around objects from the domestic world, I use craftsmanship as an artistic medium, inspired by movements like the Bauhaus or minimalism ”

Back in France, she continues to create jewelry which is now made in France and offered on this site. She also offers her most beautiful finds gleaned during her travels.

“I share my time and my creations between the 2 countries and draw the best from each of them. I go from one project to another, according to the desires and the meetings, always guided by the desire to sublimate craftsmanship and make the world more beautiful and vibrant. ”


Founded in 1935, Maison Pierre Frey creates, publishes and manufactures fabrics in an inventive and deeply eclectic spirit. It draws its inspiration from the art of distant ethnic groups as well as from the 18th century in France and contemporary art. The Pierre Frey collections combine materials and motifs in bold and unique colours. In recent years, Pierre Frey has expanded its offer to include new professions in which the House expresses all its creative power: wallpaper, custom carpets & rugs, furniture.

Ecological materials…

The whole house is painted by Edelhert Natuurlijk in special natural, ecological painting. Both the basic ingredients and the dyes of natural paints are of vegetable or mineral origin. As a result, these paints are not harmful to the environment. Due to its natural ingredients, natural paint contains almost no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which is better for the air quality in your home. Better for you and the environment. The great breathability of natural paint prevents unpleasant odors and mold. Washable paints are also available as natural paints. Other items in house have a tadelakt-finish; traditional Moroccan slaked lime plaster, applied with a spatula, polished with a stone and finished with a black olive oil soap. A chemical reaction occurs between soap and lime that makes the plaster waterproof. Can be used on the wall as well as in a shower or sink, what we did in Canbibi.

Authentic doors…

We maintained the authentic doors of the original house. The technique of sandblast is applied to retrieve the authentic wood texture.

Ibiza style building…

The pure and timeless architecture of Ibiza.

Ibiza’s country houses represent an architectural reference thanks to their geometrically beautiful shapes. The attractiveness of their simple lines, amalgamate perfectly into the landscape.

They are cube-shaped, humble and functional constructions. The main attributes of the traditional ibizencan “Fincas” are whitewashed walls, flat roofs, interior arches and small windows on the façades.

Nature is the main source of inspiration for the Mediterranean style.

It is very common to leave stone or wood facing in plain sight. Like this masonry walls or natural beams are another decorative element, inside as well as outside.

Although in today´s era of architecture, different materials and more modern techniques are used, the simple but traditional “Pagès Finca” remains an important inspiration to architects and designers.

The bioclimatic adaptation, the sustainability of the construction and the shift towards minimalism are the three key elements for the traditional Ibiza house. In short, Ibiza offers a pure, uncompromising and functional architecture; the result achieved though many years of perfect balance between man and nature.

A method that is maintained to this day! Remembering that sobriety and simplicity are the main features. The blend of the blue sky with the white walls define the beauty of the typical Ibiza country houses.


During the renovation process of the house we insisted on having white sand used for the joints of the outside natural stones, however this is something that, to our surprise, could not be sourced on Ibiza island. Still puzzled and in disbelief, we chose to import 2 ton of the finest white sand from the famous sandmines in Mol, Belgium


Canbibi is surrounded by many Ibiza plants of all sorts. From top to bottom, the house is set in a green environment. Aswel the greens on the site as the surroundings provide the feeling of being in nature.